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LipoMelt Shrinks the Fat Cells

What is LipoMelt?

LipoMelt uses LED light to help naturally slim, shape and tone your body. It literally MELTS the FAT away!

Advanced Technology

The UltraLight LipoMelt system has the most powerful non-invasive body shaping technology. The LED light therapy system delivers a unique light energy in the 635nm and 880nm wavelengths to melt fat safely.

What Can I Expect During a LipoMelt Session?

20 minutes of laying down with light therapy pads wrapping your target area(s). After, you will stand on a vibration plate for 10 minutes to help all shrunken fat cells to move quickly through the body. You’re in and out in less than an hour. So quick and easy!

Non-Surgical Face Lift, 30 Minutes!

What is the Ultimate Light’s Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Ultimate Light therapy uses the most advanced red and near-infrared LED technology to naturally shape and tone the face by bringing back your youthful appearance by:

1- Reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2- Restoring lost facial volume and firmness, especially around the eyes.

3- Dramatically improving sun damaged skin.

4- Reducing the fat and sagging skin underneath the chin.

*Photo shows results of only 4 sessions.

Results Are Not Subtle

As we age, the face shows the effects of aging more than anywhere else on the body. If you don’t want to be cut on, experience pain, risks complications associated with surgical face lifts, have to miss work, or pay outrageous fees, then Ultimate Light is your answer! We will safely and effectively reverse the signs of aging without surgery.

– Non-invasive and non-surgical treatment

– Requires no recovery time

– Delivers natural-looking results

– Works on all skin tones

– Patients typically require 8-12 thirty-minute treatments.

– The face can be treated every day

Before and After Results

Sessions for Body Areas Can Be Performed Every 48 Hours for the Fastest Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does LipoMelt Work?

The unique light emitted from LipoMelt causes the fat cell membranes to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. This brief change allows fat content to seep out and absorbed by the body. The process also increases collagen and elastin in the skin. LipoMelt can be used on waist, hips, back, legs and arms and face.

What Happens To The Fat?

After being released, the fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and enters the bloodstream. Once in the blood stream, the fatty acids can be either used as fuel or quickly eliminated by the body. The fat cells shrink to a fraction of their original size.

Does LED Therapy Require FDA Clearance or Approval?

The FDA has made it very clear that LED light is classified as “ordinary light” and not subject to the same regulations that Lasers are, therefore it does not require FDA clearance or approval.

How Soon Can I See Results?

You can see results on the very first treatment.
The average person looses 1 inch and 1 pound if they are eating clean and have not consumed alcohol for 48 hrs.

How Long Do The Results Last?

LipoMelt does not destroy fat cells but shrinks and releases some of their contents. If your caloric intake is significantly higher than you require, your body will eventually store fat again. For this reason, we recommend a maintenance program of once or twice per month after the desired results are attained.

How Does Light Therapy Help The Body?

Client testimonials indicate LipoMelt helps with the body’s ability to heal itself while reducing pain, reducing inflammation, back pain, headaches, migraines, skin disorders, burns, sports injuries…and so much more!

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